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The following are areas of specialization for Dave Fellers Consulting: 

    • Board and Leadership Development Presentations…customized for your organization:

    The inclusion and development of new board members or committee chairs is greatly enhanced through a planned session about roles,         responsibilities, ethics, governance and fiscal oversight.  Educating a board -- new or existing -- can help take the organization to the next level.  This session is custom designed for the organization’s needs, including interviews of leadership and staff to determine key priority areas.  The ASAE “Measures of Success” study is utilized to educate the board on how to be a “remarkable organization,” and the enlightening book "Race for Relevance:  5 Radical Changes for Associations" provides some thought provoking discussions for a board.   The orientation can be from one and a half hours to four hours.  The "Measures of Success" study can also be effectively used as the lead in to a strategic planning session.

 The following is a sample list of optional Board Orientation subjects to be covered:  

ASAE “Measures of Success” Study
What Remarkable Organizations Do that Others Don’t
Importance of Mission
Board Discussion of How they fit in the Mission
Importance of the Strategic Plan
•Organizational Strategic Plan
Race for Relevance"...steps to maintain relevance in the future
"Road to Relevance'...strategies for competitive associations
Board responsibilities 
  • Board Discussion on Goals and Priorities 
•Importance of Being Data Driven
Types of Measurement
Role of the Board
Governance Structure…Who Does What
Role with Committees
Importance of Board Assessment
Board Relationship with Staff
Executive Director’s Perspective
Fiscal Responsibility:  Know the budget and support adequate resources
Board Discussion on Key Financial Questions
Board Role in Nominating Process
Board Discussion on how to groom leaders and help the nominating process
Closing Discussion

  • Board Self-Assessment Facilitation
            Self-assessment refocuses attention on the organization's mission and can reveal hidden issues and opportunities.  It measures         the         board's performance, helps you define how well you are performing, and determines future board development needs. 
            Dave utilizes a leading internet based self assessment tool that covers mission, meetings, financial oversight, board structure, 
        program oversight, board composition, strategy, CEO oversight, public image and advocacy.  He analyzes the results and                                       facilitates a discussion with your board about their strengths and weaknesses and how to improve in the future.  The session with         the         board can be from 2 to 4 hours, depending on time available.  


  • Coaching/Leadership Training:
         Many association executives can benefit from having a personal leadership developer.  This could be a new CEO or senior staff person                with limited association experience or a CEO or senior level staff that is ready to go to the "next level."  This training involves highly                     focused practice sessions and the development of clear, defined plans of action.    

        The coaching will address the needs and  challenges of association executives.  The goal of coaching and leadership is to make the staff             a better manager, visionary and leader.  It will look at the past, present and future to assist in the development of an action plan on key                 areas of importance for the association and the executive director, development of organizational and personal goals, help to balance                 priorities and expectations of the leadership, membership and staff.   For more information, contact Fellers at dave@fellerskc.com.                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Succession Planning:  
            Fellers has over 30 years in the association field, in all aspects of management.  He can assist CEO's and boards to         develop a plan for the future succession of the top administrative position, as well as staff positions.  This can include          the importance of cross training among staff to have them prepared to continue operations in the event of a change in          leadership.  Fellers can also assist with interim assistance in the event of the sudden departure of a key staff                         position.  For information, contact Fellers at dave@fellerskc.com.  


            Dave Fellers is delighted to discuss the needs of organizations and customize services for any size or type of operation.   He is available for a complimentary telephone consult to determine the potential services for any association, foundation or corporation.  For more information on Dave Fellers experience and background, click on  "About Dave Fellers,CAE" in the left sidebar.   

For additional information on the areas of services, see and click on the Resource Center in the left column of the web page.    It includes articles and power point presentations written by Fellers on subjects related to association management.  

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